( poem )
As I gaze upon the moon above,
I feel a tug, a pull, a delicate love,
The stars twinkling in the night sky,
As the moon beckons me with a sigh.
It draws me in with its luminous glow,
A connection so strong, it's hard to let go,
Guiding me with its wise wisdom and grace,
Filling me with a sense of peace and solace.
In its tranquil light, my soul rejuvenates,
As I bask in its beauty, all my worries dissipate,
The moon, a celestial mother, nurturing my soul,
Helping me find my purpose, my ultimate goal.
With each phase, my personality shifts,
Empowered by the moon's divine gifts,
A constant cycle of growth and change,
Guiding me through life's twists and turns, never estrange.
Under the full moon, I feel alive,
My creativity soars, my passions thrive,
The new moon, a time for introspection,
Reflecting on life with deep introspection.
Oh, how the moon holds such power,
A constant reminder of nature's flower,
With its ever-changing face, it teaches me,
To embrace life's changes, to let go and be free.
As I gaze upon the moon above,
I'm filled with gratitude, for its unwavering love,
For it is not just a glowing orb in the sky,
But a source of inspiration, my guiding light up high.
So I'll continue to gaze upon the moon,
For in its magic, I find my boon,
A never-ending cycle, a timeless dance,
As I surrender to its pull, my heart sings and prance.