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We have been working hard behind the sense, we have partnered up with an amazing manfuacture that has been around for years for our own personal line of cosmetics, for skincare, haircare, and makeup we have launched a few in store for pre Orders but we will be launching our cosmetics line very soon.


We have also been busy creating our own designs for our ladies fashion we hope you will love we certainly enjoy creating them.


You may have noticed we aren't doing as much in Bath and home fragrances range any more sadly due to health reasons, but we will have a small selection available in store.


Must recently we have not only knocked our standing shipping costs down but we have also done a lot of free shipping items and been busy adding tags so it is less confusing for all of us we hope this help for more information on shipping please visit our blog ( Extra information ) and click Extra delivery information.


We will countiue to expand our women's fashion and be adding more of our design in store we are super exicted about our cosmetic line we hope you will all love and enjoy as much as us.

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