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We are so excited about this brand new business, we are currently still in Pre-Launch stage's this is why lot of our stuff is on pre-orders, we have so much lined up we can't wait to get started we are already making sales, totally amazing thank you so much for your support you are all Amazing, we are currently recruiting Ambassador to join our team we already have had few join us we are so happy to have you on our team..

Our first Batches of wax melts are up and ready to sell, we have recruited 3 independent scent testers to try out our wax melts and will be leaving their honest feed back for us in exchange for Free wax melts thank you to our testers that applyed for this role we hope you will love and enjoy our wax melts.

The wax melts are our own personally made pruduct of our store and our favorite colour is purple this is why we are called purplicous Melts, how ever we are in contact with some well known supplies that we have done all the checks on even tryed them out ourselves, we do stock our pruducts and ship ourselves we are a small family run business.  products we are not drop shipping business and we are not an Affiliate to any other companies, we are an actual retail business, we will be selling our personally made our selfs wax melts and we will be selling other things like soaps, Bathbombs, candles gift ideas, home and garden decor, dream Catchers and many more things that we feel fits in nicely to this store, we also have a supplier for our Bling which I personally love these my self we hope you will love and enjoy our store we have so much lined up we can wait...!


Kind Regards 

Kelly-Marie Garrigan and The Team