Join My Team with Puddles of Wax

Joining My Team, Team Purplicous 

No pressure company That is absolutely free to join, if you love home fragrances than you will definitely be interested in joining.

With over 300 scents available in store home fragrances, bath and body you will never run out of something to post about.


Added bouns joining under me you also get 20% discount in our stall for instant cash on selling our designs 

But why join me?

  • I have lots of experience from repping to running business, I have lot of experience with social media 
  • I am already leading a small team of wonderful ladies who are doing amazing, our team is friendly and no pressure buying here at all
  • I look after my team, making sure they have lots of ideas what to post, make sure they are set up properly to get going, kept up to date with the company it's self, and I give Challages that are completely optional, I reward achievements, 
  • I can teach you how to run a successful active Facebook page as well

How to Join

Simply click on my link its free to join and follow the step by step guide on how to join up

Sign Up Today 

Once you have signed up you will have to wait to be approved but don't let this stop you  getting to know what the company has to offer, and come get settled in to our support group and receive a massive warm welcome.

Team Purplicous Support Group 

So what are you waiting for? Take the leap and join my team with puddles of wax today!