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The Amethyst Angel Wing Bracelet: A Symbol of Peace and Positivity


Do you want to feel peaceful and relaxed while enjoying a touch of elegance and style? Look no further than the Amethyst Angel Wing Bracelet. This beautiful accessory is made of natural stone and will help you let go of negative emotions and promote relaxation. Plus, it comes with a lovely jewellery box, making it the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

The Stone of Peace

Amethyst is known as the stone of peace. This purple gemstone has been used for centuries to promote relaxation and relieve stress and anxiety. By wearing the Amethyst Angel Wing Bracelet, you can benefit from the calming energy of this stone and feel more at ease during your day-to-day activities.

A Symbol of Joy and Positivity

The Angel Wing pendant on this bracelet is a symbol of joy and positivity. The Archangel Jophiel, the Angel of joy and abundance, is in harmony with the energetic force of joy in the universe. By wearing this symbol, you can attract positive energy and uplift your mood, helping you to stay positive and focused.


The Amethyst Angel Wing Bracelet is the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to promote peace, relaxation, and positivity in their life. Whether you're looking to reduce stress, let go of negative emotions, or simply add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe, this bracelet is a great choice. So why wait? Click here to get yours today!