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Information If You're Thinking Of Joining How it works

Joining How It Works: What You Need to Know

If you're considering joining How It Works, there are a few things you should know before you sign up. To our affiliate program website,  what to expect.

Benefits of Joining How It Works

Tracking by Link

Step 1:Share your link
Share your link on ad channels and social platforms to promote our products and services.

Step 2:Customers purchase
Orders placed via your link or during 30 days since customers first click your link will record as referral orders. Learn more about Cookie Duration.

Step 3:Earn your commission
After your referral order is successfully paid, the merchant receives a request to review your commission. You will receive the commission once it’s approved.

For details, refer to Commission Details below.
To see your total commission amount and payment status, go to Payouts.

Tracking by Link
Earn a 15% commission for every order
General rules

Lifetime / Recurring commission

Give affiliates commissions on all future orders of customers who they originally referred and are linked to

You earn a 15% commission from the second order.


You get a special commission for specific products

Title Commission

SOY WAX MELTS (Collection)
Fixed amount per item

Fixed amount per item

Recurring Bonus
You get a bonus each time you accomplish a target (is reset every cycle)

Bonus 1
If the monthly total sales (approved) is >= £200.00 then give a £5.00 Bonus

Bonus 2
If the monthly total sales (approved) is > £100.00 then give a £5.00 Bonus

Example: Lee brings an order and gets a program commission of 10%. Quinn who invited Lee gets a level 1 commission of 8%. Alexander who invited Quinn gets a level 2 commission of 6%, so as following levels.
Level Commission type Network commission
1 Percent of commission of the affiliate who brings order 3%
2 Percent of commission of.


How can you Join?

its free to join if you know someone who is already a rep can ask them for their recruitment link and they will help you step by step and give you support.

How ever if you do not know anyone don't worry you can still sign up and we will select a upline for you based on there performance and status given you a good start. We do have support groups you are welcome to join also to sign up scroll down to the footer of the Website click on join as Purplicous babe and follow instructions. We look forward to you becoming part of the Purplicous family 


Any problems or issues do not hesitate to contact us via email or our live chat we are happy to help no question are silly 

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