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Purplicous Melts 
Our Wax Melts are all hand poured in small batches personally by us.
About our wax

CocoPro Melt Wax 

CocoPro Wax (Formerly Rapeseed & Coconut Nature Wax -Nature Wax 660-55m) is made from coconut and rapeseed wax, it is 100% plant-based with no additives.

It can tolerate repeated heating cycles without discolouration or malodour and has a very neutral base odour that is friendly towards fragrances.

Wax Benefits:

  • Non-palm
  • Non- Soy
  • Non - GM
  • Non-Paraffin
  • Additive Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Kosher
  • Halal


About our fragrance 

All our fragrances we use are all CLP certificated, vegan and cruelty-free

Our fragrance are 100% concentrated we never use more than the 10% amount to a non hazardous base that is the recommended measurements for safe use.

  All our wax melts are CLP



Some of our wax melts do contain glitter on one side of our melt our glitters we stock in are from sensible wholesales that deal with candles and wax melt making that are trusted company and certificated our glitters are made for wax melts and candle use and are biodegradable. Recommended to face glitter upwards in your warmer or burner to allow them to float along the top.


We use different types of dyes from natural liquid dyes, natural micro dyes, shimmery natural micro dyes and some neon dyes, that are suitable for soaps, bathbombs, cosmetics, candles and wax melts.


We only use high end ingredients for our wax melts leaving our scents long lasting.



Some of our wax melts like our jade crystal scent will contain crystals, that are made for candle and wax melt making,  these are safe in your warmers and burners and can be removed when melted by pair tweezers or some sort of tool that makes it easy to grab with out burning your hands, you can also scap them out the wax before use as we make them visible to see in the wax.