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  Purplicous was founded and funded by Kelly-marie Garrigan 1st August 2021. Kelly-marie has always had the dream since childhood of running her own business after many years of watching her grandad for many many years running his own business successfully, she than began working with him after she left school and learning a great deal from him an inspiring role model.
In 2006 she then did her PHD in business studies, website designing and html coding. she then sadly put her dreams on hold taking care of her autistic child and being a mum again twice more to her daughters.
But she wouldn't change it for the world her kids mean everything to her and would not think twice about doing it all the same way again.
In the mean time Kelly-marie Garrigan took up some hobbies of making wax melts and much more but over the years of perfecting her wax melts people began to ask if she could make them for then as well her hobby unknowingly became the path of her returning to her long life dream of running her own business where she began once more to study take courses on how to go about selling publicly.
With the help and guidance of a business coach she began to start her business Purplicous and over time began to expand she is always still learning and expanding. Purplicous  is more than just a business to her its a dream come true, a hobby a passion.
Along the way she has helped inspire others, done charity work with mental health and autism being close to her heart she donates percentage from all sells made from her store Purplicous.
She has also taking on reps under her wing in the hopes they can build that dream life and be successful in running their business under Purplicous.
Purplicous representative are well rewarded from all their hard work. Kelly-marie is so very proud and honoured to have such an amazing team
Her favourite moto 
Dream Believe Achieve 
And you are your only limit
And anything is possible when you put your mind to it.
Is a family and Friend ran business 
She hopes one day to be able to pass her business down to her children and hopes they will have much success from all the hard work she has done with Purplicous 
More about our products.
What makes us different?
We take pride in every product Made via us or sourced in, we use natural ingredients where possible and source from others that have the same standard as us, using the best quality ingredients with highest standard nothing but the best for Purplicous We are proud of our products and we absolutely love them ourselves.
100% vegan products 
Every product we make and source in is 100% Vegan. we aim to make and source every product 100% vegan, using vegan and plant based alternatives to other ingredients on the market. Not only does this give the product better qualities, but with more and more people looking for vegan products it is ever growing in demand.
Natural Ingredients 
Where possible, we aim to use as much natural ingredients as possible in our products. We have good working relationships with our suppliers that also have the same ethics when it comes to our products. And only source products and ingredients from our sources.
We are against Animal cruelty 
This one is just simple. We are Against Animal Cruelty full stop Always. We love animals, we would never do anything to harm them.
No products are tested on animals with us or our sources who also hate Animal cruelty as much as we do.
We always use plastics that can be recycled and are PET certified and recyclable other materials used like peanuts can be liquid down with water and cards and paper can be recycled 
Fair pricing 
Even though our products are handmad and take time to make and quality being high are products are indeed worth so much more but here at Purplicous we believe in Fair prices that are affordable to all so everyone can enjoy them