Purplicous Boutique 
Own brand of natural cosmetics.
we are proud to present the very beginning of Purplicous Boutique very own natural ingredients cosmetics, from skincare to make-up, our natural ingredients are high end raw natural ingredients which means our line has some amazing benefits to your skin not just our amazing skincare range but our make-up as well, designed with all skin types in mind, we have partnered up with an Amazing Lab based in Canada that Cares as much as we do about ingredients, our products are all Gluten-free, Paraben-free, no harsh chemicals, biodegradable ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, Vegan Options.
All our personal range is made in small batches fresh to orders, so please do remember estimated times only based on avg, our products take 4-5 days to create, then 4-9 days to arrive safely to your door all the way from Canada delivery costs £4.99
We absolutely hate animal cruelty
We are 100% animal cruelty free 
We do not source anything in from China either so rest ensure everything is animal cruelty free we never test products on animals, all products are Dermalogica tested.
We never use any harsh chemicals in any of our personal line of cosmetics, in fact even our aloe vera gel we do not even use concentrated powder we use our own aloe vera plants gels,  grown in Canada in our laboratory farms.
All our cosmetic range is carefully prepared with all skin times in mind, we use nothing but the best high end raw natural ingredients.
Most products are Vegan and ones that are vegan will state this on the product information for you along with all the ingredients used some products however do use ingredients such as Bees wax and honey making them non vegan products but still completely natural.
We wanted to make our products fresh to order so be sure that when your products arrive to your door lot of time effort goes in to each and every product, we use natural ink dyes for our designs making our inks eco friendly, and biodegradable.
Thank you for reading this information we hope you will love and enjoy our range as much as we do.
  Rest ensured we never hide any ingredients used ingredients are available on the site and outa packaging of each products.